The Junction Music Festival | Electric guitar tips and tricks
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Electric guitar tips and tricks

Electric guitar tips and tricks

Electric guitar tips and tricks


Playing an electric guitar is pretty impressive. However, before becoming a pro in
playing electric guitar needs some through preparations and practice. Guitar playing is a cool method of relaxation after a long day of exhaustive work. To become an expert one need to practice several tips and tricks to help better performance.
Essential Tips and Tricks of playing electric guitar
Different styles of acoustic- acoustic players need to employ strum, a pentatonic bluesy lead line of any other method that suits them. People prefer strum to acoustic because of its’ natural ability of the solid body.

Play rhythmically-

application of rhythm in guitar playing adds color and dynamics to the song. It is appropriate to pick the chords and use varying voicings further the neck. Use of combos and open strings back up the major groove of the song.
Avoid clashing with the keyboard- when playing an electric guitar is essential to follow the same octave spectrum as the keys. A player needs to follow the keys and play in different spaces with varying tones. Such a flow helps to produce something sweet to the audience.

Study the major scale intervals-

these kinds of intervals offer the building block of major chords as well as scales played in electric guitar. The understanding of the major scales helps to harmonize it in various triads. The major scale uses seven intervals and the intervallic distance form a specific pattern.

Consider effects- applying different overdrives colors the music played over an electric guitar. A delay and compression are useful for tighter sounds. There is also the occasional bit of modulation like a chorus. A delay effect thickens tones and enhances sustaining ring chords. Moreover, it adds rhythmic textures similar to dotted 8th notes.

Use of CAGED voicings- Many electric guitars have the CAGED system fixed near the major and minor open chords shapes of C, A E, G and D. learning the CAGED tip helps to introduce a complete framework of playing different chords in varied positions.


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