The Junction Music Festival | How To Make Guitar Great Solos?
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How To Make Guitar Great Solos?

How To Make Guitar Great Solos?

How To Make Guitar Great Solos?

Do you remember the feeling of writing your first own guitar solo? It can be nerve-wracking but also gives a sense of accomplishment.

If you are a beginner, then soloing can be intimidating but be confident nonetheless. As long as the solo you compose becomes a part of the song effortlessly, you will have done a good job.
There is no shortcut to composing a great guitar solo, but keeping the following in mind can help you.

1. Study your favorite guitarists:

Learning from the masters is one way you can never go wrong. Do not just listen to your favorite guitar solos, but actually analyze every note and the vocal phrasing. Compare the results with the solos you create to understand how you can improve. Having guitar heroes you can pick up tips from is an important step towards becoming a good soloist.

2. Do not ignore the technicalities:

A great guitar solo balances the rhythm perfectly. If you are not well versed with rhythms and are scared to mix various notes, then you are losing out on the possibility of making your solo stand out. You should also be careful about your choice of intervals that refer to the distance between notes. By manipulating them, you can build a wonderful harmony.

3. Try new things:

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If you want to add flair to the solos you compose, then learn new techniques to incorporate. Choose from techniques like sustained bends, vibrato, pinched harmonics, sweeping palm muting and more to make the solo become unique. Mixing some of them up will give you a lot of variety to experiment with.

4. Play with modes:

Modes refer to variations on common scales, and they have a unique combination of notes which cater to different genres. You have to choose the mode based on the key of your solo. You can go online and find the perfect combination of the key, mode and scale you are looking for. Some common modes are Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian and Locrian.


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