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Find Best Starter Guitar

Picking up the right starter guitar for your child is something that will make them happy especially if they truly believe that one day he can be known as a guitarist of the world. Juggling through your budget is a challenge because most of the guitars are expensive or closely affordable. However, investing a guitar for a future musician is assured and guaranteed that they will be great someday.

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Hi, I’m Mark. I work as a sound system engineer, but I also have a guitar business that has been around for eight years now. I know how it feels to have your first guitar and I also know what it is to look for a type of guitar that will bring your lots of memories.

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Electric guitar tips and tricks


Playing an electric guitar is pretty impressive. However, before becoming a pro in
playing electric guitar needs some through preparations and practice. Guitar playing is a cool method of relaxation after a long day of exhaustive work. To become an expert one need to practice several tips and tricks to help better performance.
Essential Tips and Tricks of playing electric guitar
Different styles of acoustic- acoustic players need to employ strum, a pentatonic bluesy lead line of any other method that suits them. People prefer strum to acoustic because of its’ natural ability of the solid body.

Play rhythmically-

application of rhythm in guitar playing adds color and dynamics to the song. It is appropriate to pick the chords and use varying voicings further the neck. Use of combos and open strings back up the major groove of the song.
Avoid clashing with the keyboard- when playing an electric guitar is essential to follow the same octave spectrum as the keys. A player needs to follow the keys and play in different spaces with varying tones. Such a flow helps to produce something sweet to the audience.

Study the major scale intervals-

these kinds of intervals offer the building block of major chords as well as scales played in electric guitar. The understanding of the major scales helps to harmonize it in various triads. The major scale uses seven intervals and the intervallic distance form a specific pattern.

Consider effects- applying different overdrives colors the music played over an electric guitar. A delay and compression are useful for tighter sounds. There is also the occasional bit of modulation like a chorus. A delay effect thickens tones and enhances sustaining ring chords. Moreover, it adds rhythmic textures similar to dotted 8th notes.

Use of CAGED voicings- Many electric guitars have the CAGED system fixed near the major and minor open chords shapes of C, A E, G and D. learning the CAGED tip helps to introduce a complete framework of playing different chords in varied positions.


How To Make Guitar Great Solos?

Do you remember the feeling of writing your first own guitar solo? It can be nerve-wracking but also gives a sense of accomplishment.

If you are a beginner, then soloing can be intimidating but be confident nonetheless. As long as the solo you compose becomes a part of the song effortlessly, you will have done a good job.
There is no shortcut to composing a great guitar solo, but keeping the following in mind can help you.

1. Study your favorite guitarists:

Learning from the masters is one way you can never go wrong. Do not just listen to your favorite guitar solos, but actually analyze every note and the vocal phrasing. Compare the results with the solos you create to understand how you can improve. Having guitar heroes you can pick up tips from is an important step towards becoming a good soloist.

2. Do not ignore the technicalities:

A great guitar solo balances the rhythm perfectly. If you are not well versed with rhythms and are scared to mix various notes, then you are losing out on the possibility of making your solo stand out. You should also be careful about your choice of intervals that refer to the distance between notes. By manipulating them, you can build a wonderful harmony.

3. Try new things:

looking for a great guitar visit

If you want to add flair to the solos you compose, then learn new techniques to incorporate. Choose from techniques like sustained bends, vibrato, pinched harmonics, sweeping palm muting and more to make the solo become unique. Mixing some of them up will give you a lot of variety to experiment with.

4. Play with modes:

Modes refer to variations on common scales, and they have a unique combination of notes which cater to different genres. You have to choose the mode based on the key of your solo. You can go online and find the perfect combination of the key, mode and scale you are looking for. Some common modes are Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian and Locrian.




Have you at any time taken it as your duty to practice your playing guitar scales as guitar teachers have taught or as you have learnt from books then wondered what it real needs to turn the playing to real music? There are two very great techniques which are bending and vibrato which will bring the playing of your guitar live. All the guitarists you hear of those who have made it to greatness use this two techniques to make it. But then how do these two techniques work?

Vibrato technique

Vibrato can be defined as a guitar playing technique which involves moving rapidly a note up then down in the adjacent strings direction. Vibrato is a very crucial way of sustaining picked notes. In addition, vibrato gives much expression to the guitar playing. Vibrato usually features on notes which are long or a note which is at a phrase’s end. To obtain vibrato, you move the wrist far from its neck and back to the same neck just like the way you turn a doorknob. Vibrato uses wavy line as its symbol. Give it a try and you will enjoy.
While playing the vibrato technique, there are some three crucial things to keep in mind. These points are:

l Emulate

As you play vibrato try to copy what your favorite vibrato player does. Try as hard to ensure your guitar produces the same sound their guitar does. It may consume much time but try it. Afterwards copy another person’s vibrato. During this period of copying you will note some types will flow naturally and others will bypass you. Through copying you get to know your voice. To achieve this effectively try learning a particular lick then make it sound just like it sound in the record.

l Experiment

After acquiring the playing basic techniques beneath your fingers, begin experimenting on them as much as you can then at the same time invent new ways of doing the things you know. Try blending vibrato different styles and techniques. Through such exploring you will get to learn much.


l Ease
Any time you are doing vibrato the feeling should be natural and easy. If at any time the feeling is not such then something is not right and it should be fixed. Get to know by yourself the issue and fix it but if you can’t trace it seek advice.

Bending notes technique

Bending notes forms part of the lead guitar classic sounds. Famous guitar players like Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, Gay Moore, Ray Vaughan, Albert King, Buddy Guy and B.B King among others use this bending note technique. Bending aids in adding intensity and emotion to your music while giving your guitar playing a quality more of vocal-like. To achieve a bend you fret a note then you push the string side to side across the guitar’s fretboard to the direction of the strings on the adjacent. However, you should ensure that when using bending notes you use a finger to support the finger which is making the bends. This helps in giving you more control and strength to play. In addition, while bending notes it’s good to have your left thumb up over the guitar’s neck edge to aid in pushing back against the fingers’ pressure. Bending notes uses curved arrow as symbol in the company of symbol “B”.

The Best fingerstyle Guitar Players

When you are learning another language, the experts recommend you immerse in
that language. The similar principle is applied when you are learning how to
play fingerstyle guitar. Listening to the great fingerstyle
guitar players may be the source of the inspiration which can encourage you to
keep on practicing and which give you the goal of working toward it. Here are
the best fingerstyle guitar players.

1. Jimmy Page

1. Jimmy Page

Jimmy page, the best fingerstyle guitar began off as the
session musician where he later joined a mighty rock band of the Led Zeppelin. He
has produced some of the distinct sounds which became immediately recognizable
to a sound of the Led Zeppelin.

2. David Gilmour

David Gilmour

From a mighty rock bands Pink Floyd in the 70’s forwards, David Gilmour, the fingerstyle
guitar was the massive inspiration to sounds of the Pink
Floyd all through his heart trembling, spacey and subtle sounds which eases to
you when you listen. He is the under rated fingerstyle guitar player. But in his big bends and the slides in the
smooth playing is what makes David Gilmour the amazingly distinctive guitarist.

3 Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen is the great fingerstyle player.
He has actually produced some of the great sounding solos. Essentially this
guitar playing uses feel with the harmonics which is incorporated with the
tremolo arm strings bending. He even has an ability of mixing arpeggios and the
chord rhythm playing where you make Eddie the fingerstyle guitar player. He can ensure the whack out slow the guitar
solo saying as it is made obvious in the Van Halen’s song. The song by the name
Eruption is listened to include the guitar solo in the Beat It.

4. Slash

The Guns Roses man might play the rhythm and then lead the guitar solos and also
make the guitar speak using wah-wah pedal. Actually he can blends all this be
be one musical piece using the great sound. Also can also do all things in a
little like the Eddie Van Halen in this respect just using different sound.
Slash essentially says that he loves to make the fingerstyle guitar solo to sound great

5. Chuck Berry

As the early influence in the music, Chuck Berry is the African American and also
he is a type of the player who would go the stage, get the guitar out and then start
to play with or without a band. Essentially Chuck Berry in this can sing the
song through the use of the fingerstyle

6. Stevie Ray Vaughan

The remarkable rock and blues fingerstyle
guitar player is by the name Stevie Ray. He is greatly influenced by this man,
Jimi Hendrix but Jimi Hendrix hits a string like no stamping the authority into
the sound. The best thing concerning Stevie Ray is he can play with the little distortion
and this shows that his signature’s sound is being heard naturally.

Fingerstyle guitar playing is at all times about how good you can play
and not how many different styles you may know. You don’t have to worry if you’re
falling behind when practicing the new styles when playing the fingerstyle guitar like these best
fingerstyle guitar players.
Just proceed to practice basic notes and also chords switching when playing.
Also you are needed try developing the best musical ear when playing so as you may
easily a copy of the songs you need listen to by not reading the chords.


Getting Your Child’s First Guitar

Buying a guitar for your child is not easy because there are so many things that you’ll need to consider first before investing. Although it is best to keep it according to his or her preferences that doesn’t mean that you will only have to stick to it. If this is a new thing to you, it would be right to seek assistance to experts that can give great recommendations of brands and quality of guitar that you can purchase. For you to be enlightened, here are few reasons that you’ll need to understand first before making any purchase.

1, Purpose of buying a guitar-

this is one of the questions that you’ll need to assess as to why you’re going to buy a guitar for your child. Does your child want it? Or is it your decision that you want him or her to be involved in the music industry? There is a big difference when it comes to deciding and the willingness of the child in making his or her decision as well.

2. How much are you willing to invest-

when it comes to the price point, you will need to figure out as to how much you want to invest a guitar for your child. There are different types of guitar that your child can choose or an expert’s recommendation for a beginner. This depends on your money and the price of the guitar. Having to figure out how much it will cost you is an opportunity for you to save a budget for a certain price of the guitar.

3. Choices between an acoustic and electric-

for the most part, starters are recommended to use an acoustic guitar. However, if your child knows a few basics, he can step-up his game with a use of an electric guitar and having to learn more about the amplifier as well. In this way, he or she will have choices as to which one should he or she is willingly playing guitar.

4. Type of body guitar-

when it comes to the type of body for the guitar, having to invest for your child should not be too big or too small for them to play, learn and practice their guitar lessons. Keep in mind that their comfort will give them more chances to acquire new skills because they are convenient in using their guitar.

5. A used or new guitar-

if you know what you are doing, for sure investing for an old type of guitar inherits you to do more because it has been subsequently used by the first owner. However, you will need to assess the used guitar first such as how it is picking sounds, are there any means of damages or if the used guitar is too damaged for use? Perhaps considering buying a new one is the next best choice to consider.

6. Is shopping online a great option-

if you are buying a new guitar for your child and this is going to be a first time, make sure that you inquire about all the things that you will need to know. In this way, you are assured that you can trust the website guitar marketer.

7. Brands-

keep in mind that there are so many brands that you can choose. If you want something that is reputable and known for its quality, then this is best for you to invest in a brand that is known for its quality longevity, so, it is wise to say that you have bought the right brand of guitar.